As heirloom gowns, lace, embroidery, beading and feathers brings drama to the catwalk, engage in the most decadent detailing of this trend with Bio Sculpture® Gel creations.


Hand Painting with Bio Sculpture® Gel

Cool/Ocean colour combination.


1. Apply a Bio Sculpture Base Gel layer. Cure.

2. Apply two layers of any light ocean colour Gel. Cure each layer. DO NOT WIPE.

3. Place a blue feather in position, using the Bio Sculpture Tweezers.

4. Secure the feather with a grip layer of Soft Gel, from the shaft outwards. Cure. Dual Cleanse and trim the feather with the Bio Sculpture Stork Scissors. File and brush away any riffled edges.

5. Use cool Gel colours in combination with copper/brown/gold. Place Gel dots on the feather with a Dotting Tool, followed by smaller dots in each centre.

6. Use the tip of an Upper Arch brush to drag the gel dots. (Chain of Hearts technique). Cure.

7. Draw the face and crown of the peacock with an Upper Arch Brush and cool colour of your choice. Cure.

8. Draw the beak with the Art Brush using yellow/orange Gel and the eye using no 2017. Cure.

9. Outline to highlight the silhouette and eye with the Upper Arch Brush and Gel no 1 and 2017. Cure.

10. Apply bling to the tips of the crown using droplets of Soft Gel on a Metal Pick. Cure.

11. Apply the appropriate Strengthening Gel to seal the nail art. Cure.

12. Dual Cleanse and Refine.

13. Apply Gloss Gel for shine. Cure.

Sized-post-2.2 Sources:

Nail Art done by: Pauline Niehaus.

Gel Colours used: Folk Collection & Fantasy Collection.

Valentino Couture: