Inspired by the beauty of Africa

Biogel 305 Crescent Moon
Biogel 306 Sunset Red
Biogel 307 Dust at Dusk
Dust at
Biogel 308 Feel the Veld
Feel the
Biogel 309 Golden Hour
Featuring a stunning range of hues inspired by the rich, warm colours of Africa, creating a sense of togetherness and community. With shades ranging from bold and fiery reds to soft and soothing earth tones, African Sunset allows you to express your unique personality and style while also celebrating the beauty of the African continent.

Crescent Moon

Crescent Moon, inspired by the stunning natural beauty of the African continent. This gorgeous shade features a soft and dreamy tone that captures the mystique and allure of the moonlit African night sky.
Biogel 304 Crescent Moon - Bottle

Sunset Red

Sunset Red is a rich, deep red shade inspired by the warm hues of an African sunset. With an orange undertone, it captures the essence of the vibrant skies at dusk and has a warm feel to it.
Biogel 305 Sunset Red - Bottle

Dust at Dusk

Dust at Dusk, a stunning brown shade inspired by the rich and earthy hues of Africa. This sophisticated brown colour brings warmth and elegance to your nails.
Biogel 306 Dust at Dusk - Bottle

Feel the Veld

Feel the Veld, a dusty green shade inspired by the lavish landscapes of Africa. This shade captures the natural beauty of the African veld, bringing life to your nails.
Biogel 307 Feel the Veld - Bottle

Golden Hour

Golden Hour is a yellow shade that’s inspired by the vibrant warmth of Africa. Capturing the energy and spirit of the African continent, making it a unique and beautiful addition to any nail collection.
Biogel 308 Golden Hour - Bottle