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BI-OLYGEL is a UV gel, strengthened with acrylic paste to bring out the best properties of both gel and acrylic systems, creating a firm hard gel that is easy and quick to apply.

The gel has a paste-like texture, applied in an acrylic style over a BIOGEL or EVO base layer with a patting and smoothing motion. Cured in 60 seconds under a UV or UV LED unit.

4 colour variants are available: Glow, Blonde, Ice and Frost.

While BI-OLYGEL may be used to do overlays and short sculptures, the paste-like texture allows the skilled technician to build very long sculptures where extra strength and precision is required.

BI-OLYGEL is successfully used in conjunction with BI-OLYGEL Sculpture Moulds, to create and apply pre shaped replica tip sculptures.

Combined with colour and HP gels, BI-OLYGEL will expand the creative opportunities of the artistic 3D nail artist.