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Extraordinary adhesion for thin, sore, damaged, dry and distressed nails

Conditioning Gel is a specialized base gel that offers extraordinary adhesion for thin, sore, damaged, dry and distressed nails.

This enriched base gel conditions the nail plate, promoting nail health in a concealer-foundation colour. See results after just one application.


  • An enriched base gel to restore dry, damaged and distressed nails
  • Extraordinary adhesion as a base layer
  • Supportive upper arch strengthening layer
  • Instantly improved texture of the nail plate
  • Easy removal, especially on thin & damaged nails
  • The sheer nude colour is ideal as a concealer-foundation layer
  • Minor extensions to support thin, sore & damaged nails

HOW CAN YOU USE conditioning GEL?


Conditioning Gel can be applied to all nail types but is best suited to a sore, weak, damaged, dry or distressed nails.

Conditioning Gel must be cured under the Bio Sculpture ULTRA or SPECTRA curing unit for 90 seconds.

Yes, the colour intensifies when used as a base layer and an upper arch strengthening layer.

BIOGEL can be applied directly to the cured layer. Cleanse and refine before applying EVO colour.

A noticeable difference can be seen after just one application. Conditioning Gel removes easily, even from damaged or thin nails. Conditioning Gel conceals imperfections, giving the nail a beautiful natural finish.

Yes, Conditioning Gel can be used to extend the length of the free edge on thin, soft and weak nails.

Yes, Conditioning Gel can be used to saturate silk. Always ensure to cure for 90 seconds.