Transform your nail preparation and shaping with the BIO SCULPTURE
Whisper E-File - the ultimate tool for precision and efficiency.

The ultimate tool for
precision and efficiency

The BIO SCULPTURE Whisper E-File redefines the art of nail care. Equipped with whisper-quiet technology, exceptional battery life and a strong torque, this revolutionary portable tool is the ultimate choice for professionals seeking accurate and efficient filing.
30,000 RPM with strong
torque of 3.1NM for
efficient and accurate filing
Long-lasting, 2000mah
Lithium batteries
Whisper-quiet technology
for a professional work


BIO SCULPTURE’s professonial E-File System
includes the Whisper E-FIle, Specialty Bit
collection and Dust Collector, specifically
designed to aid in the removal, preparation
and application of gel products.


The BIO SCULPTURE Dust Collector is specially designed to effectively capture dust generated by filing. The highly efficient air filter is removable for easy cleaning or replacement.

The ultimate tool for precision and efficiency

Handpiece Service
Exchange Program

When your Whisper E-File is not working as it use to,
BIO SCULPTURE will give you the option to refurbish
your handpiece or you can replace it. When your Whisper
E-File handpiece is making noises, heating up, or
vibrating, stop using your drill to avoid any further
damage. We will collect your handpiece and replace
it with a refurbished handpiece. Your old handpiece
will be refurbished and will go to the next client.
T's and C's apply

FAQs about the E-File System

All applications, but more specifically suited for soft gel applications.

15-23 RPM, depending on the type and thickness of the application.

No, this will cause damage to the natural nail. The nail does not need to be filed before a BIO SCULPTURE Gel application in order to achieve good bonding. BIO SCULPTURE products respect and maintains a healthy natural nail. Our Diamond Flame Bit is used for cuticle preparation but if used correctly will cause no damage to the nail.

No, the Whisper E-File and Bits are completely safe to use by trained professionals and if used correctly will cause no damage.

Yes. Due to the E-File more effectively removing the layers of the application the gel removal process is somewhat quicker. A cuticle preparation is more effective, leaving a flawless and beautiful finish.

No, not at all. If the technician has received professional training and uses the E-File correctly there should be no pain or discomfort.

Avoid using the E-File while its plugged in and on charge. It takes around 2 hours to fully charge the battery, offering at least 10 hours of use once charged.

5-10 RPM, depending on the condition of the cuticle and skin.

Pay attention to the remaining battery level displayed on the top of the LCD screen. Once the battery reaches a lower level such as 20-30 percent it is advised to be charged. Avoid interrupting the charging of the E-File and if possible, allow the E-File fully charge to 100%.

Yes, a one year warrantee is given from the date of purchase. This will be to cover functioning problems, and not damage such as dropping etc.  

Working with the Whisper E-File will leave you wondering how you ever managed without one before.
Invest into a good quality, coreless E-File, making your overall experience more comfortable and efficient. The cordless E-File will allow you to move around your salon from the nail station to the pedicure station with ease.