Nail Nirvana
Must-Have Winter Shades for Healthy, Glamorous Gel Manicures

Looking to add a touch of luxury to your winter look?

Look no further than your fingertips!

Introducing our latest selection of BIOGEL, EVO and GEMINI Nail Polishes, to complement the season's richest colours and textures, while keeping your nails healthy and strong.

Top Winter Colours:

EVO No 26 Daniella
BIOGEL No 2017 Liquorice
BIOGEL No 280 A Night At The Opera
BIOGEL No 306 Sunset Red
BIOGEL No 19 Pillar Box
EVO No 17 Scarlett
BIOGEL No 166 Blazing Lacquer
BIOGEL No 20 Cherry Ripe
BIOGEL No 24 Port Wine
BIOGEL No 10 Pinotage
BIOGEL No 314 Sheer Admiration
BIOGEL No 296 Seafoam
BIOGEL No 67 Cremè
BIOGEL No 305 Crescent Moon
EVO No 164 Luka
EVO No 59 Jordan
EVO No 168 Anthea
EVO No 170 Madeline
BIOGEL No 307 Dust at Dusk
EVO No 171 Penelope
BIOGEL No 308 Feel the Veld
BIOGEL No 309 Golden Hour
EVO No 173 Odette
EVO No 174 Monique

This winter, embrace the captivating power of deep, rich tones and shimmering shades.