Inspired by the sun-drenched sensation of summer, these six shades of the EVO Sun-kissed Summer Collection are the epitome of summer chic




She captures the essence of a bright blue sky with a touch of white. Fingers dipped in azure




A burst of playfulness, her vibrant lime green a pop of seasonal brilliance with a creamy undertone




She’s yellow, radiating pure summer joy. A glowing sunlit shade that flatters your fingertips




Her orange colour mimics sun-drenched landscapes with a touch of yellow, a vibrant solstice spirit




Her illuminating coral pink presents a delicate (alabaster) white tinge, an alluring touch of warmth and depth on your nails

@plushnailsbeauty - Britney



She’s a lively, intriguing lilac with a touch of red, enchanted by the magic of a midsummer night


Why EVO by BIO SCULPTURE is Easy to Use for Technicians:

• EVO is applied just like a regular polish – base coat, colour coat(s), and top coat – making it familiar and efficient for technicians
• Quality ingredients for long-lasting healthy nails
• EVO colour gels cure under UV Curing Unit in just 30 seconds.
• EVO is known for effortless removal, easy and quick soak off that doesn’t damage the natural nail.
• The brush design allows for smooth and even application, minimising product waste and ensuring a clean finish.
• The gel provides strength in the application to the nail.
• Manicures can last up to 3 weeks with a high-shine gloss finish (depending on the individual's nail health and activities).
• EVO bases are formulated for self-levelling, reducing the need for extensive buffing of the natural nail before application. Keeping the natural nail health at top of the priority

Important Note: EVO is a professional product line and requires certified training from BIO SCULPTURE to purchase and use.